Managing the Federal Employee: Motivation and Engagement

Target Audience: Executives, Managers, and Supervisors

Length: One-Day Seminar


“Managing the Federal Employee: Motivation and Engagement” is a one-day course designed for agency supervisors and managers seeking to improve morale of their work group and create a high-performance organization. We start with a foundation in human motivation and build on that understanding with best practices in employee engagement. We end with exercises and group discussion of the many ways a federal supervisor can recognize and reward employees for outstanding performance through both informal and formal means. Attendees complete the program with an executable action plan for a recognition program. 


1. Introduction

2. Engagement and Basic Leadership Traits

3. 7 Essentials of Encouraging the Heart

  1. Set Clear Standards
  2. Expect the Best
  3. Pay Attention
  4. Personalize Recognition
  5. Tell the Story
  6. Celebrate Together
  7. Set the Example

4. Motivation 3.0: A New Way of Thinking

  1. Autonomy
  2. Mastery
  3. Purpose

5. Recognition Programs

  1. Formal Recognition Programs
  2. Informal Recognition
  3. Recognition Action Plans
  4. Sample Awards Plan

6. Conclusion

7. Reference Notes