EEO and the Federal Employee: Education and Prevention

Target Audience: All Federal Employees; Executives, Managers, and Supervisors

Length: One-Day Seminar


This comprehensive in-person interactive EEO training class is designed specifically for the federal workforce. It can be used for “all-hands” training or tailored for supervisory training addressing common EEO issues from a supervisor’s viewpoint. Attendees leave with a better understanding of anti-discrimination laws and dynamics when they are applied in the federal workplace. Attendees receive an educational foundation in gender, race, disability, and religious discrimination issues and are taught how to use preventative measures and tools to avoid pitfalls. While this one-day class is filled with comprehensive material and examples, our approach and presentation are designed to be entertaining and interactive. The class begins with a fun and thought-provoking ice-breaker exercise and concludes with participants staging a Mock EEO Hearing or other in-class exercises. This class can be tailored to provide EEO training as corrective action for an Agency addressing specific EEO issues or incidents.


1. Ice-Breaker Exercise: “Ripped from the Headlines”

2. Discrimination

  1. Introduction to EEO Law
  2. Basic Discrimination Cases
  3. Federal EEO Process
  4. Retaliation

3. Disability Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation

  1. Types of Disability Discrimination
  2. Qualified Employee with a Disability
  3. Reasonable Accommodation Process
  4. Undue Hardship
  5. Agency Defenses to Disability Discrimination

4. Religious Discrimination

  1. Types of Religious Discrimination
  2. Religious Practices or Beliefs
  3. Reasonable Accommodation Framework
  4. Undue Hardship

5. Hostile Work Environment

  1. Proof of a Hostile Work Environment
  2. The Double Trigger
  3. Imputing Agency Liability
  4. Sexual Harassment
  5. Racial or National Origin Harassment

6. Mock Hearing, Case Studies, or In-Class Exercises