We provide half-, one-, two- and three-day seminars about the federal personnel system. Our courses teach supervisors at all levels practical tools and techniques for dealing with conduct and performance issues meeting the unique requirements of the federal system. Armed with these skills, supervisors can take action correctly the first time, ensuring mission accomplishment and avoiding costly errors that are often addressed through litigation. We also offer courses for supervisors addressing topics such as telework and human motivation that are appropriate for all employees, not just those with problems. We also present seminars for Agency employees as well as administrative investigation seminars for agents and others who investigate employee misconduct.

  • Off-the-shelf half-day, and one, two or three day classes designed to meet the needs of most every federal supervisor or employee. Check out our course list here.
  • Customized solutions designed to address specific topics of specific relevance to an Agency. All of our training topics come in half-day modules that can be combined in any order to create one, two, or three day programs. Learn more about how to develop your customized solution here.
  • Video conferencing and virtual training. Most of our courses are presented on site at your facility, but we also have experience leveraging technology to provide remote participant training via video conferencing or webinars.


  • OPM Supervisory Requirements, 5 C.F.R. § 412.202
  • Section 1113 of the FY 2010 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
  • DOD Instruction 1430.16 - Growing Civilian Leaders
  • Workforce Flexibility Act of 2004, 5 U.S.C. § 4121
  • Telework Enhancement Act of 2010, Public Law 111-292


  • First of all, this training is required. OPM has established a recurring training requirement: all federal supervisors must receive supervisory training address common performance and management issues every three years.
  • Second, this is an investment that will give back time and again. The most common feedback we get from our class participants is, "I wish I had taken this class many years ago", and "Every supervisor in my Agency should take it".

    In the federal system, too many employees are placed in acting supervisory positions or promoted without having a fundamental understanding of the federal personnel system, including performance management and the disciplinary process. A supervisor who understands the context within which they act will be more proactive and successful disciplining a subordinate employee. Moreover, even the most experienced managers need a foundation from which to engage the discipline system. Too often they learn by trial and error when they already have a difficult employee challenging their every move.
  • Third, This training can improve the efficiency of your Agency. How?
    • If you confront troubled employees - by setting standards and holding them accountable - you can improve their behavior and performance. For those that don't improve, you have laid a foundation and begun the process to ultimately fire them, if necessary. Once the troubled employee is gone, you can replace them with a high performing employee. Either way you win.
    • Holding employee accountable through discipline creates a high performing culture for your unit. Sometimes a single difficult employee can drag the whole group down and it's better for everyone when they are gone.
    • We all know that we've become a litigious society and that federal employees are no exception. They have many avenues in which to challenge management action. If personnel actions are taken correctly from the outset, the Agency can avoid many of the costs associated with litigation. An understanding of the system helps Agencies avoid procedural errors, be confident in management's position, and resist the pressure to settle cases because it's more expedient. With foundational knowledge from our courses, managers can confidently take correct actions from the outset.
  • Finally, we believe that the old adage, "you get what you pay for" is true. If you hire us, you get training from professional trainers. We hear from many agencies that they can provide the same training for free using their own staff members. While agency staff, as subject matter experts, can provide short briefings, few are professional trainers. They have many responsibilities, deadlines, and assignments other than training. By contrast, as expert professional trainers, we do this full time. We dedicate all of our efforts to providing the best training possible, keeping up with the legal trends, and continually updating and fine tuning our presentation methods and materials. We are confident that an investment in our training courses is an investment that will give back over and over again. We strengthen your knowledge with a deep understanding of the material and fortify your experience with practical tips and tools that can be immediately implemented.