We are proud to partner with long-time Executive Coach Cindy Charlton to offer intensive executive one-on-one coaching services for our customers. Whether you are an executive, senior manager, or supervisor, Cindy will partner with you to create a confidential, solution-focused approach that will identify goals and a process and plan to empower leaders to attain those goals. Cindy is a seasoned coach with many years’ experience coaching business and government Executives. She is certified as an Executive Coach from the College of Executive Coaching, and she is a member of the International Coach Federation, certified at the PCC level. As a coach, Cindy combines her expertise in communication and relationships with her passion for excellence to inspire clients to adopt solutions that are authentic and sustainable.

Whether you are a senior-most executive, a division vice president, a middle manager or supervisor, or a rising star you may ask, “Why does coaching work?” Coaching creates the moments of pause you need to become who you want to be, in order to explore and develop fresh perspectives to age-old dilemmas. A coach serves as a partner to help you change, grow, and develop. With a coach, you can create your best self. Additionally, by scheduling and committing to coaching sessions, you will find new energy to commit to and be accountable to yourself, your growth, and your development. Simply stated, coaching will help you create the sustainable results you need for you, for your future, and for your organization.

Because each person is different, a coaching engagement can take many forms, depending on individual needs, including the nature of the issues, targeted accomplishments, and the overall goals. We can offer:

  • A short coaching engagement, conducted over several phone sessions to tackle a specific, targeted issue; or
  • A longer coaching engagement designed to create sustainable results that might include coaching over six months or more with two to three sessions per month.

In order to meet your needs, we offer a variety of customized coaching processes and fee packages. We will work with your agencies and organizations to coordinate coaching outcomes that serve all stakeholders and measure sustainable change.

If you would like to discuss our executive coaching services, please contact us.